Why does my female dog/cat need to spend the night after her spay surgery but my male dog/cat doesn't?

The two surgeries are very different. In a spay surgery, we need to go into the abdomen to remove the ovaries and the uterus, something that doesn't need to be done for males. Since we need to open the abdomen for surgery, we like the girls to stay very quiet after surgery, and we feel that the best thing right after surgery is to keep them here overnight so they can get the proper rest needed.

Why do I have to test my dog for heartworm disease every year when he's on year round heartworm preventative?

For several reasons: First of all, it's just good, responsible medicine. We need to be sure that your dog is negative for the disease before continuing the medicine; anything else is malpractice. Sometimes dogs, unknown to the owner, spits out the medication, and isn't protected and can get heartworm disease. Lastly, we don't know when the microfilaria (baby heartworms), may become resistant to the preventative. By testing dogs every year, we can let the companies know if we see any changes in the number of dogs that have heartworm, but who were on heartworm preventative.

Why does my inside cat need a rabies vaccination?

Rabies is a disease that is not only on the rise, but it is a disease that can be spread to humans. All mammals (animals with fur), can carry rabies and give it to other mammals, including humans. It is a fatal disease. Often, cats scratch people, and while rabies can NOT be passed to other animals in this way, unvaccinated cats can be a liability. If your cat scratches somebody and that person decides to sue you under your homeowners policy, and the cat is unvacinated, you may be in trouble. Rabies vaccines are an easy way to keep you, your pet and your home safe.

How often should I get my pet's nails trimmed?

That varies from pet to pet. Usually every couple of months is a good idea. Dogs, who walk a lot on concrete, can probably go longer between nail trims than other dogs. Older cats need nail trims more often than younger cats, because older cats' nails sometimes get thicker and the cats don't use scratching post as much. With any pet, watch those dewclaws! If left untrimmed, they can become too long and grow into their pads.

Do you see gerbils or horses or birds?

No, we don’t. We only see dogs and cats. But, If you need an equine (horse) vet, an avian (bird) vet or a vet that sees exotic pets (gerbils, rabbits, reptiles and the like), give the office a call and we can get you the phone numbers of some of these practitioners.

Why shouldn't I purchase medications and vaccines from catalogs and over the internet?

A pharmaceutical purchase from your veterinarian is an investment in a business that will provide long-term health care for your pet.  no internet pharmacy cares as much for your pet as a your veterinarian.  The FDA cautions pet owners about the dangers of purchasing drugs through these companies.  Many drugs can be dangerous if not properly prescribed and monitored by your veterinarian.  Internet "pharmacies" advertise low prices and convenience but the industry is poorly regulated and products purchased through the internet are not guaranteed by the pharmacy or the manufacturer.  Internet customers have reported receiving expired medications and foreign pharmaceuticals not approved for use in the Unites States.  Many pharmaceutical companies only guarantee their product if they are purchased through a licensed veterinarian.  Most online medications are within 3% to 5% of the cost charged by most veterinarians.  Ultimately, the small savings are not worth the risk.