About Us

Dr. Thomas Maves, DVM
Dr. Maves graduated from Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 1987. He practiced emergency medicine at the Animal Emergency Clinic in Ann Arbor for nine years before opening the Village Animal Clinic of Dexter in 1997.
When not at work he likes to fish and duck hunt at his cabin up north. He lives in Lansing with his wife, Dr. Susan Ewart, a dean at the College of Veterinary Medicine at MSU, three boys and his Poodle, Sally - the self-appointed greeter and mascot of the clinic.

Dr. Karen Holmstrand, DVM
Dr. Holmstrand gradated from the Ohio State University with her veterinary degree in 1994. She is also a consultant for Creative Memories, a scrap-booking company. 

She lives in Chelsea with her husband Phil, two children, cats Tony, Lucy & Peggy as well as her "German Rottador" Holly. Dr. Holmstrand is holding Flowers, one of the resident cats of the clinic.


The team at the VAC provides quality, state-of-the-art veterinary medical care for your pets at an honest and affordable cost. The team assist you through every stage of your pets growth and health needs because they share the beliefs that pets are very special members of your family. Compassion and extending a helping hand towards you and your pet is their continual goal.


Anne & Nigel
Anne Blochwitz
Anne has been in the veterinary field since 1987.  She's one of the clinic's technicians. She's been at the Village Animal Clinic of Dexter since 1998.  Her hobbies include: scrap booking and making jewelry. She currently lives in Ypsilanti with her husband Dave, her two kids, four cats, (Divot, C.C., Opal, & Lego), and her dog: Nigel.  Nigel is enjoying his day at work with Anne, (though you'd never see it in his eyes!)

Carrie & Guiness

Carrie Laorenza
Carrie lives in Ann Arbor and has been at the clinic since 2002. She's our receptionist and the resident artist. She spends her spare time sewing, painting and just being generally creative. Along with her two sons, Carrie has four cats (Howie, Judo, Timmay & Hommer), two saltwater fish tanks and the sweetest Rottwieler named Guiness.

Joanne Lauwers
Joann has extensive veterinary experience both in day and emergency practices.  She's been here since 2004 and is one of the veterinary technicians at the clinic.  When not at work, she loves to spend time with her niece and nephew.  She lives in Ann Arbor with her cats: , DWB, Ellie, Mulligan and Stevie, as well as her dogs: Zelly, Baby and Toad.

Kristina & Beans

Kristina Schoenberg

Kris has been at the clinic since 2006 and is a veterinary assistant. She also has her own pet-sitting business.  Kris enjoys knitting and making jewelry when she's not at work.  She lives in Gregory with her cats, Styles and Beans (as pictured), as well as her dogs Shawnee and her latest addition a Jack Russell Terrier named Frankie.


Bob, Spike and Flower round out the staff at the VAC.

Bob has been with the clinic since it started in 1997. He is the "office manager", spending most of his days laying on the appointment book and on the front desk.  He enjoys climbing into unattended carriers and the occasional stroller. When not working, he enjoys spooning with Flower. 

Spike has also been with the company since it's inception. Spike likes to visit the neighborhood when not at the clinic, getting free meals and looking homeless. After hours he likes to sleep and dream about being somewhere where his talents and good looks will be better appreciated.

Flower is the newest addition to our clinic family.  She came to us in the spring of 2008. She spends her time outside... and back in... and then out again... and again and again. When not "working", Flower likes to shred any type of rolled paper product and to snuggle with Bob when no more rolls can be found.